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Prepare For Your Visit

Need To Know Before We Come

Depending on your situation what you need to do to prepare may vary. If you are upgrading your current storage areas leave it as is! Our designers will work with you to determine what your needs are. If it is a new home and your things are not there you will need to do a little homework to get the most out of your consult. Since we do not have the ability to see your current storage and we are walking into an empty space there are some things we will need to know. Try to have an idea of how much linear hanging you have and how much of that is long. How many pairs of shoes or boots you would like to store. Are you going to need drawers or would you like an area for pocket books. Our designers will pick your brain and work with you to determine the best storage solutions for you. Not all closets are the same and not all customers store their clothes the same manor. Our designers will walk you thru the process!