Home Offices

More people are working from home than ever before. If your home workspace is cramped and unorganized, call on us to whip it into shape. Custom Closet Geeks, LLC will design and install a home office setup at your residence in the New Bedford, MA area. We can set you up with a custom desk, built-in filing systems and cabinet space to keep your workday clutter organized and out of the way.

Reach out now to start imposing order on your home office space.

Closet Pantries

How many times have you struggled to find the paprika while preparing dinner? Skip the frustration by hiring Custom Closet Geeks, LLC to install a pantry organization system. We’ll equip your kitchen with cabinet organizers and open pantry units so your pots, pans and supplies will be easy to find.

Ready to add convenience to your kitchen in the New Bedford, MA area? Call 508-858-5282 to schedule a pantry organization consultation.

Garage/ Mudrooms

Embarrassed by your messy garage? Make it more practical for storing things and easier to clean by installing an organization system. Custom Closet Geeks, LLC designs garage and mudroom storage solutions for homes in New Bedford, MA and surrounding areas. We’ll outfit your garage with tool shelves, wire baskets and storage bins to make tidying up a breeze. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you organize your garage.

Bedroom Closets

Losing the battle against closet clutter? Reclaim your closet space by hiring Custom Closet Geeks, LLC to build a custom walk-in closet organizer. Our team in New Bedford, MA will measure your closet, discuss your storage needs with you and create a walk-in closet design you’ll love.

Store-bought storage solutions aren’t designed with your individual needs in mind. We’ll take your entire wardrobe into consideration while creating your walk-in closet design. We can include closet features tailored to specific articles of clothing, like:

  • Tie racks
  • Shoe cubbies
  • Jewelry cases
  • Wire Baskets

Your closet will look beautiful and serve you better once there’s a designated place for everything. Get in touch today to discuss your options for walk-in closet organizers.

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